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Forming the society under the society registration Act XXI of 1860(Punjab Amendment) 1
Act 1957 as extended to the territory of Faridabad in Purace of the Memorandum of Association:-

  • Shri. B. Dutta, Business, 461/22,Faridabad
  • Shri. J.D Das, Service, 3d/139, Faridabad
  • Shri. S.Guho, Consultant, 611/22, Faridabad
  • Shri. P.Mukherjee, Service, 390/10, Faridabad
  • Shri. Sisir Mandal, Service, B-134, New Press Colony
  • Shri. Sushil Das, Service, 2a/54, Faridabad
  • Shri. Manik Goswami, Service, 399, P.House Colony
  • Shri. A.dutta, Business, 441/10,Faridabad
  • Shri. N. Mazundar, Service, Faridabad
  • Shri. S. N. Bose, Service, Faridabad

On 12th November 1982 at 5 p.m at 461.Sec. 22, Faridabad, Mr. S.C. Moitra on chair Resolved that the following Managing Committee of Faridabad Durgabari Samity has been selected unanimously. The Managing Committee formed and the details of which are as under:-

  • Patron: – Shri. S. Avtar Singh,
    Managing Director
    Auto Pins (I) Pvt. Limit; Faridabad
  • President: Shri. Bisehswor Dutta, Businessman
  • Vice-president: 1. Shri. S. Guho          2. Shri J.N. Sen
  • General Secretary: Shri. Prabir Mukherjee
  • Joint Secretary: 1.Shri. Sisir Mandal         2. Shri. Somnath Bose
  • Treasurer: Shri. Joydeep Das
  • Assistant Treasurer: Shri. Asit Das
  • Member: Shri Manik Goswami
    Shri. K.L Chokroborty
    Shri. Asis Roy
    Shri. Bimaledu Purakeith